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ISWPL being the global IT & ITeS service provider for 25 years enables clients to outperform with technology based business process outsourcing solutions. These solutions are customized at ISWPL to meet specific business needs of clients. We have a skilled & experienced team for every individual domain.

Services we are offering in this field :

  • Professional Power Point Presentation
  • Professional Brochure and Content Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Non-voice BPO
  • Data recovery
  • Graphic Design
  • Scanning & Refining Documents

For the successful operation of your corporation or company, you mustn’t ignore various marketing mediums as all of them leave a greater impact. Brochures are one such unique medium to promote business ventures. Writing and distributing brochures have become ardent needs today to add in the current business strategies.

As brochures are still the most effective marketing strategies, they can’t be ignored in marketing and promotional plans. A colorful brochure with beautiful photographs and graphical presentation speaks thousands of times more than words can do. They are highly persuasive contents to support the companies get introduced before the potential customers.

You can avail our Professional Data Recovery services in any kind of data loss situations. From simple to most complex data loss situation; we recover data from all internal & external storage media. Irrespective of the operating system installed or reason for data loss, our experts can go beyond the software to recover your data. Our Risk Free, Safe Secure and efficient services have helped innumerable clients from critical data loss situations.

BPO is a vast industry today and businesses of all sizes hire call centers for taking care of their non-core processes. This gives your business an edge over the competition in addition to integrating and streamlining operations while cutting down on costs. In this highly competitive business niche, ISWPL BPO Services offers a wide range of BPO services depending on a robust infrastructure and a well-defined global delivery model. Being a global-class BPO services provider, ISWPL offers fully integrated contact center solutions to choose from.

Graphic Design plays the main role of the basic tool to be successful in business. You need it in every step of presenting your brand. When you create your company’s official website its need to be appealing to make it visually appealing and if you are concentrating to make it attractive towards your viewers (customers) then you need an experienced Graphic Designer in order to do that all those for you.

Graphics Design is another wing of ISWPL. We do implement the visualization of our clients so that they can expose their brands in order to expand their businesses. We provide various graphic design services such as:

Logo Design:
A company is recognised by its logo, so it is that much important. A logo tells all about what the company do’s and believes. An inappropriate logo can give wrong messages towards your client. An attractive, eye-catching logo can capture the attention of your prospect and help you to remember in one’s memory. Our experience graphic team can help you to built right logo for you.

Visiting Card Design:
A visiting card represents the company. As it contains few details of your company it needs to be professional enough to carry the image of your company. Despite its’ relatively small size, a visiting card is important for making a favorable first impression of your company. An attractive, eye-catching visiting card with all relevant information can capture the attention of your prospect and help you to remember in one’s memory well after your initial meeting. It also can enhance creditability, as they can create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for your business.

Letterhead Design:
A letterhead is a heading at the top of a sheet of paper. It indicates the Company or document name. It displays the company’s professionalism and correspondence. A letterhead can be used for various purposes, such as: meeting, tenders or notices, approval or legal notices and inter-departmental communications. That is why it is very important that your Letterhead should be proper personalised.

Brochure Design:
A Brochure is a single foldable sheet is very popular in marketers for Marketing or highlighting a Product, Company or Service. It is a very useful and effective way to do expose any service of any company to reach or grab attention of their customers. A good design of brochure can be the path to reach a wide audience.

Corporate presentation Design:
A Presentation is the process of presenting a topic or a program to an audience. It is typically a demonstration, introduction or lecture or speech meant to inform the progress of any work. In a presentation though the audience listens from the person who presenting the topic but they also engaged with the media, where the presentation is going on. So if you design it right then it will keep the audience glued to their seat or otherwise they started to fill bored. Now if it is a corporate presentation there are various things one need to careful about. We can help you with this like we have already did our clients.

Flex Banner Design:
A professional and attractive banner is the easiest though cheapest way for any type of advertisements. As it is durable, fade-resistant, tear-resistant, it is used in outdoor and indoor. So it is one of the popular way to expose or highlighting a Product, Company or Service. It has no size limitation so it easily grabs attention of customers. A good design of banner can be the path to reach a wide audience.

Leaflet & Poster Design:
Every design, it may be flex banner, brochure, presentation, letterhead or visiting card or any other medium they have one thing common, they are used to inform. Leaflet or poster is also come in this league. A good design poster or leaflet is a great way to publicise your service. A good leaflet will tell its recipient exactly what is offered and provided crucial information about services in a small space. It can be placed or handed out in targeted places to grab the attention of audiences. Leaflets have the added advantage that they can be taken away for future reference.

We follow a very simple process to Graphic Design. First we DEFINE the whole project from our client. Now we RESEARCH about the necessary information and materials, then we do BRAINMAPING & SKETCHING the visualisation of our client. Once it gets finalised we DESIGN it and take the FEEDBACK from our clients.

Now if you think why you will consider us, then let us inform you why?

  • We don’t use any previous design that have already used for another client.
  • We don’t hold the copyright of any of our client’s work as we think it’s your property as you have paid for it.
  • We take our clients serious so that once, you choose us you don’t have to think about another one for the service.

We have worked with:

Whether you have tens of records or few million records to digitize and manually enter, ISWPL offers you excellent professional services and support, with its accurate Data Entry service.

ISWPL is highly experienced in Data Entry service with well trained, data entry experts. With the help of our Data Entry team our service will help you achieve significant cost savings and make data entry outsourcing affordable. We have a record of handle thousands of documents in every month.

We provided various data entry services including Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Copy Paste Data Entry, Document Data Entry, Application Form Data Entry and many others.

provides a complete scanning service including Refine & Providing documents as per demand. We design our workflow according to needs of your business. Once paper is scanned we make it enable to share between users. Our skilled & experienced staffs verify the documents sizes and types. Images are typically presented in different formats such as TIFF, PDF, and JPG with output onto CD/DVD or Hard Drive.

Your scanned documents are held on servers for an agreed period, and backed up by us daily to ensure availability.


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